Orlando to Sarasota Car Service

Orlando locals sometimes get too accustomed to their local beaches and wish to make a small change by visiting some other Florida destination. Their usual first choice is the beaches of Sarasota, which are considered some of the most beautiful ones in the United States.

Flight from Orlando to Sarasota takes about only an hour. However, once you count in traffic on your way to the airport, the lines at the check-in, the usual crowds, and other boarding procedures the entire experience takes much longer.

However, if you book our Orlando to Sarasota car service, it will take you about two hours from your doorstep to the exact location at Sarasota. There will be no waiting, no lines, and no crowds. Just you traveling in the comfort of our limousine with the AC turned on. Not to mention that in these uncertain times, private transportation and traveling only with the people you know can really pay off in the long run.


Orlando Airport Car Service to Sarasota

If you choose one of the Orlando airports for whatever reason and you need to get to Sarasota, you can put your mind at ease knowing that we will be there to pick you up. Our chauffeur will be waiting at the exit, ready to help you with bags and accompany you to the vehicle. All you have to do is sit comfortably and enjoy your ride to your destination in Sarasota.

In case you are traveling with kids, you just have to provide their height and weight during the booking and we will bring suitable child seats. If you worry that your kids might get bored during travel, we have a free WiFi connection and DVD players so they can watch their favorite cartoons.

Forget about long waiting lines and dubious taxi transportation at the airport, with Orlando to Sarasota car service, you will reach your destination in the safety and comfort of our limo.


Business Transportation to Sarasota

Sarasota is also a great place for team buildings and other business activities for companies from Orlando. With our luxury vans and SUVs, you can organize safe and reliable transportation for your employees and your management. Each of our limousines is spacious and there is always enough room for every passenger.

If by any chance some of your business partners are currently located in Orlando and they need to reach Sarasota for a meeting or an event, you can book our limo for them. Instead of driving for two hours and arriving exhausted, they will have the comfort and the privacy to work or have a rest and prepare for the busy day ahead.

Needless to mention, but all business people can book a round trip and get safe transportation back to Orlando.


Book Our Orlando to Sarasota Car Service Today

Booking our Orlando car service is fairly easy. Just fill out the booking form on our website or dial our phone and one of our customer representatives will provide you with all the answers. You will get quick confirmation of your booking and you can make an online payment with any major credit card.

Our services are affordable and our rates transparent. We never charge for anything you didn’t require and there are no unexpected expenses. Our limousines are well maintained and chauffeurs are the best ones available in Florida.

If you book our hourly service to Sarasota, you can have as many stops along the way as you want. This can be especially useful if you are traveling with kids who can get nervous during long travels and often need to take a break.